Taco Bell Volcano Burrito Review

A fan-favorite is back, the Taco Bell Volcano Burrito! In this review, we will tell you all about this burrito, whether our reviewers think it’s as good as the original version, and what else you can find on Taco Bell’s Volcano Menu.

Taco Bell Volcano Burrito Review

The Taco Bell Volcano Burrito, officially called the Volcano Double Beef Burrito, comes with seasoned beef, seasoned rice, cheddar cheese, fiesta strips, sour cream, and Lava Sauce. If you are new to the Volcano Burrito, we have a photo that shows what the inside of one looks like:

Taco Bell Volcano Burrito Photo

The spicy, slightly cheesy goodness that is Lava Sauce shines through really well and complements the flavor of the other ingredients. Our Lava Sauce fans feel that this 2023 version of the sauce is not as spicy as previous versions were, but it is still a great addition to the menu and will add some fiery flavor to anything you choose to put it on.

When it comes to the Taco Bell Volcano Burrito as a whole, it is a pretty satisfying meal item. There is a good amount of filling and everything works together to create a solid flavor experience and a bit of nostalgia for Volcano Menu fans, who have been waiting for the day this burrito and the Volcano Taco would return. There is not much that can go wrong with a burrito stuffed with all those tasty ingredients. It’s meaty and cheesy with hints of spice and a bit of crunch from the fiesta tortilla strips.

The only thing some of our reviewers would change about the Volcano Burrito is the seasoned rice. A couple of people said that they would prefer if rice was not a part of this burrito. Others like the idea of the seasoned rice here but feel that it gets lost in the mix of textures and flavors.

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Summary And Rating

We are really enjoying the return of the Taco Bell Volcano Burrito and taco with their amazing Lava Sauce. The burrito is pretty much everything we remembered and expected it would be. It hits all of the right notes, although some of us feel that the rice does not quite fit in with everything else.


  • Good flavor
  • Filling
  • Lava Sauce


  • Rice doesn’t add anything/gets lost in the mix of ingredients
  • Limited time item

You can get your own Taco Bell Volcano Burrito for $3.99 or as part of the Volcano Combo, which comes with the burrito, a Volcano Taco, and a drink for $7.99. Prices may vary. It’s easy to check the prices in your area and place an order via the Taco Bell website or the app.

Rating 8.6/10

We definitely recommend ordering one of these before they are gone again, especially if you enjoy a little extra spicy heat with your meal. The Lava Sauce can also be ordered separately, so you can also enjoy making your own Volcano creations.

What do you think of the Taco Bell Volcano Burrito? Please share your opinion with us in the comments.



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