Jalapeño Popper Goldfish Review

Limited Edition Jalapeño Popper Goldfish review

If you love the combination of peppers or spice with cheese, you need to check out our Jalapeño Popper Goldfish review! The latest in a string of limited edition flavors from Goldfish cracker, Jalapeño Popper says that it is ‘poppin’ with flavor and a hint of heat. Do these really deliver the heat and jalapeño … Read more

New & Interesting: Chipotle Smoked Brisket, Mountain Dew Dark Berry Bash, And More!

Chipotle Smoked Brisket

We have several new and interesting food items to share with you this week, including Elf The Shelf cereals, Chipotle Smoked Brisket, Mountain Dew Dark Berry Bash, fall-flavored pancakes, new chicken sandwiches, and more. If you prefer to watch a 1-2 minute video summary, we have that for you here. For more details and reviews … Read more

Hostess Pumpkin Cupcakes Review

Hostess Iced Pumpkin Cupcakes

Hostess has released their fall line-up of snacks cakes, including Iced Pumpkin Cupcakes and Pumpkin Spice Twinkies. Are Hostess pumpkin cupcakes even better than the regular varieties? We bought some to compare and are here to share our thoughts with you in this review! Hostess Pumpkin Cupcakes Review We could not wait to get our … Read more

New & Interesting: From Nerds Candy Corn and Fall Snack Cakes to New Pizza Flavors, Here’s What Is New This Week!

Nerds Candy Corn

We found lots of new and returning candy and fall-themed snack cakes this week, including Nerds Candy Corn, Fall Party Cakes, and Pumpkin Twinkies. In fast food and restaurant news, there’s new burgers, pizzas, wings and more! Here’s a short 1-2 minute summary video for those that want it. For more details and reviews of … Read more

New & Interesting: From Impossible Chicken Nuggets to Burger King Keep It Real Meals, Here Is What’s New This Week

Burger King Keep it real meals

We found quite a few new food items this week, especially in fast food. The highlights include new flavors from Mountain Dew and Pepsi, Impossible Chicken Nuggets, more fall flavors, Burger King Keep It Real meals, lots of ice cream, a mac and cheese sandwich, and more. If you prefer to watch a short 1-2 … Read more

Del Monte Fruit Infusions Review

Del Monte Fruit Infusions

The new Del Monte Fruit Infusions are fruit cups that consist of real fruit chucks in juice with added antioxidants and healthy ingredients. They provide unque and different flavors with added benefits from ingredients like aloe, ginger, and elderberry. These come in 4 delicious-sounding flavors: Stay Well – Grapefruit in pomegranate flavored juice Glow On – … Read more

Smucker’s Uncrustables Pizza Roll-Ups Review

Smucker's Uncrustables Pizza Roll-Ups

All the goodness of pizza ready-to-eat with no baking or mess? Yes, please! You can find out more in this Smucker’s Uncrustables Pizza Roll-Ups review. These roll-ups claim to bring the goodness of pepperoni pizza with the convenience of Uncrustables. Simply grab a pack of these pre-portioned pizza roll-ups from the freezer, thaw for two … Read more

New & Interesting: From Maple Glazed Donuts To Salted Caramel Twix, There Are Many New Food Items This Week!

Del Taco Stuffed Quesadilla Tacos

We have lots of new items to share with you this week, from maple glazed donuts and Salted Caramel Twix to boneless wings, burgers, tacos, shakes, marshmallows, baked goods, and more! Here is a video if you want a short 1-2 minute summary. Keep reading below you want to see more details, photos, and reviews … Read more