The Enchirito Returns! Taco Bell Enchirito Review

The fan-favorite Enchirito has returned to the Taco Bell menu for a limited time. We are here to tell you whether we think the Enchirito is as good as it used to be, so keep reading to get our food rankers’ real opinions in this Taco Bell Enchirito review!

Taco Bell Enchirito Review

Taco Bell is famous for the a few items, including the Enchirito, which is a portmanteau of the words enchilada and burrito, This enchilada burrito fusion has been around since at least the 1970s, although it has been on and off the menu quite a bit in the last few decades.

The Enchirito now comes as basically a beef and bean burrito with onions that’s topped with red enchilada sauce and cheddar cheese, so it reminds us more of the Enchirito of the late 1990s and 2000s. Here’s our real life food photo:

Taco Bell Enchirito Review Picture

As many Enchirito fans will probably notice, this iteration of the classic is noticeably smaller. However, it does have the same delicious flavor if you are comparing it to the late 90s version. All of the ingredients work together well to create something that’s pretty tasty. However, a couple of our crew members have fond memories of the original Enchirito and wish to lament the loss of the special corn masa torilla, whole pinto beans, and olive slices that were part of what made the Enchirito a favorite in the 70s, 80s, and early 90s.

The overall takeway from this Taco Bell Enchirito review is that this is a yummy, albeit smaller, version of the Enchirito that will feel nostalgic if you grew up in the 1990s or 2000s. Anyone that is old enough to have experienced the original Enchirito knows where the real flavor is at, and may find this to be mediocre in comparison.

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This is also fairly pricey for the amount of food you get, especially for Taco Bell. As one member of our team says, “These are around 5 bucks each and smaller than I thought, so I’d need at least two for a meal. That’s kinda disappointing when for 10 dollars you can get different boxes with more food and a drink.”

That is a completely valid argument. A Deluxe Create Your Own Cravings Box rings up to be a little less money than 2 Enchiritos, yet you can get a Specialty item, 2 Classic items, a side, and a drink. However, if you are craving an Enchirito, then nothing else will do!

You can always try to make your own Enchirito using a copycat recipe, like I’ve been doing for years. There’s not really a great replacement for the flavor of Taco Bell beef though.

Summary And Rating

It’s nice to have the Enchirito back on the menu. We all felt that it was a bit expensive at around $5, especially as they’ve made it smaller and thinner than before. If you were lucky enough to enjoy the original version from decades ago, AKA the one with the olives, then nothing will compare to your memories.


  • Good flavor
  • Hits the spot for 90s and 2000s kids


  • Smaller than we remember
  • Not a great velue
  • Not the original Enchirito
  • Limited time offering (again!)

Be sure to place your order online or in the Taco Bell app if you are craving an Enchirito. It is only available for a limited time as an online-exclusive item. You might want to order an extra one or a side item to help fill you up!

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Rating: 5.5/10

Do you agree with our Taco Bell Enchirito review? Which version of this popular item is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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