UK Edition: Top 10 Favorite UK Chocolate Bars

After liaising with our British member of the Food Rankers, and tasting a number of UK chocolate bars sent to us here, we have compiled a list of our 10 Favorite UK Chocolate Bars. We hope we can tantalize your taste buds as we tell you about them.

Top 10 Favorite UK Chocolate Bars

10. Kit Kat

Nestle Kit Kat

In the US we are familiar with Hershey’s Kit Kat, but in the UK it is a little different. The concept and even the logo design are the same, but the result is very different. It is very much still wafer fingers coated in chocolate. The Kit Kat in the UK was first produced by Rowntree’s before being taken over by Nestle. The chocolate is much sweeter. It is a favorite of our British team member.

9. Twirl

Cadbury's Twirl

The Cadbury’s Twirl comes as two separated fingers of solid milk chocolate on the outside. Inside this is flaky, crumbly chocolate, it can be a bit messy, but this is certainly a joy to eat.

8. Mint Aero

Nestle Mint Aero

Nestle Aero usually comes in three varieties: chocolate, orange, and mint. all of those are good, but our preference is for the mint flavor. It has milk chocolate on the outside, and on the inside is green aerated peppermint bubbles. The bubbles melt in your mouth, and taste delicious.

7. Toffee Crisp

Nestle Toffee Crisp
The Lolly Barn

The Nestle Toffee Crisp is a choice that one of our team was a little unsure of, but the rest of us really liked. There is certainly a lot going on. A Toffee Crisp has a milk chocolate coating, inside is a layer of soft caramel, and crispy puffed rice. This reminded one of our crew of Kellogg’s Coco Pops cereal.

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6. Galaxy

Galaxy Milk Chocolate
The Lolly Barn

Milk Chocolate Galaxy is very high in the rankings of each member of our team. This is just a bar of chocolate divided in to blocks, but the silky texture of the smooth chocolate is something that is difficult to resist.

5. Galaxy Caramel

Galaxy Caramel
The Lolly Barn

This begins similar to the regular bar of Galaxy. The difference is, when you bite inside each piece there is soft, delicious, gooey caramel. What is not to love about this?

4. Topic

Mars Topic

The Topic is a milk chocolate bar made by Mars. Inside the outer layer of chocolate is a mixture of caramel, hazelnuts and nougat. That sounds like a lot going on, but it all works very well together for us.

3. Cadbury’s Caramel

Cadbury's Caramel

This is similar to the Galaxy Caramel, except it is a bar of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Chocolate, divided in to blocks. Inside each one is a sweet, soft, and delicious caramel filling.

2. Ripple

Galaxy Ripple

A Galaxy Ripple is a thin milk chocolate coated finger. Once you bite inside it, you have flaky bits of Galaxy chocolate. It is similar to Cadbury’s Twirl, but in our opinion, much better.

1. Wispa

Wispa inside

Cadbury’s Wispa is one of the most delicious chocolate bars imaginable. similar to an Aero, it is aerated milk chocolate inside it, but it is so bubbly, so light. A wispa is such a joy to eat.

Honorable Mention: 

Nestle Munchies

Nestle Munchies

In the US we are used to Munchies being a savory snack. In the UK they have a chocolate version of Munchies. Munchies do not come in a bar, each one is an individual Munchie. They are roughly cube-shaped milk chocolate, with caramel inside, and a crunchy cookie center (or biscuit centre, as our associate in the UK would say).

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We know that there are lots of chocolates available in the US, but never be afraid  to check out what is available elsewhere in the world. There are definitely some delicious chocolate bars being made in the UK.

We hope that you have enjoyed our ranking of Favorite UK Chocolate Bars. If you have tasted any of those we have mentioned, or you have tasted any others, please let us know in a comment below.



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