New & Interesting: Mint Chocolate Twinkies, a Santa Fe Chicken Pizza, CinnaGraham Cereal, And More!

Cinnabon Returning Frosting Pints

We definitely have quite a few new and interesting combinations for you this week, including Mint Chocolate Twinkies, the Santa Fe Chicken Pizza at California Pizza Kitchen, and new CinnaGraham Toast Crunch breakfast cereal. If those sound good, you will want to keep reading. We have a plenty of items to share with you this … Read more

Carnation Breakfast Essentials Golden Grahams and Frosted Flakes Flavors (Review)

Carnation breakfast shakes have a new line of breakfast-inspired flavors, including Carnation Breakfast Essentials Golden Grahams and Carnation Breakfast Essentials Frosted Flakes. We picked up these two flavors to see what they are like and if they really taste like their respective cereals or cereal milk. So, how did they fare? Keep reading to find … Read more

New And Interesting: 15 New Food Items, M&M Minis Cookie Dough Brownies And More

Cap'n Crunch Halloween Crunch

M&M Minis Cookie Dough Brownies, Cap’n Crunch Halloween Crunch cereal, Frank’s Red Hot Goldfish crackers, and Krispy Kreme S’mores donuts are just a few of the 15 new and interesting items that we found this week. We are here to tell you all about them. Let’s get right to it! Here they are, in no … Read more